Business Leadership and Strategy

This course examines how leaders can most effectively use the resources of their team members to achieve business outcomes. The course develops managerial and leadership competences, focussing on how key improvements in the general strategy and techniques of managing people can produce outcomes more significant than isolated improvements to employee performance.

The course provides students with concepts to support them across their careers as they continue to develop effective delegation, management strategy, and engagement with people inside of an organisation.

    Application requirements

    Candidates who apply for this course must have either

    • an EQF 6 level degree and at least 3 years of post-qualification experience, including management or supervisory experience;
    • or have at least 7 years of executive business management experience with an EQF 5 qualification.
    • English language competency at an IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent) is required of all applicants.
  • Accreditation: ECTS Accredited (EQF7)
  • Total workload: 75 hours
  • Requires extra purchases (outside texts, etc.): No, all materials included
  • ID verification: Required
  • Admission requirements: Application required
  • Minimum education requirement for students: Undergraduate