Reflective Leadership

Reflect on the social and ethical responsibilities of leadership

In this course students will deepen and cultivate their capacity to reflect continually on their learning and growth; they will examine the ways in which one’s behaviours and decision-making impact others, with a goal of leading with integrity.

This course is designed to deepen and extend students conceptual and practical understanding of leadership in organisations, extending beyond the application of knowledge in practical judgements that achieve business outcomes, to embrace wider social and ethical considerations. The course is experiential and multidisciplinary, requiring participants to reflect on the social and ethical responsibilities of leaders in relation to their own experiences. It is designed to help students discover insights about themselves as leaders, fostering the development of a self-awareness, including strengths and opportunities for personal growth.

In addition, the course provides a context for enhancing the skills and competencies that enable a student to become an effective leader in today's highly dynamic, diverse and adaptive organisation.

    Application requirements

    Candidates who apply for this course must have either

    • an MQF 6 level degree and at least 3 years of post-qualification experience, including management or supervisory experience;
    • or have at least 7 years of executive business management experience with an MQF 5 qualification.
    • English language competency at an IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent) is required of all applicants.
  • Accreditation: ECTS Accredited (EQF7)
  • Total workload: 75 hours
  • Requires extra purchases (outside texts, etc.): No, all materials included
  • ID verification: Required
  • Admission requirements: Application required
  • Minimum education requirement for students: Undergraduate